Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Keeping Sensitive Data Secured is a Responsibility Businesses Can’t Take Lightly

Businesses collect and are asked to protect more data than ever before, and in many cases, they are responsible for maintaining all this data. The more data a business handles, the more risk it takes on, as it also needs to keep that data secure. At Data Net, we can present strategies to improve data security and prioritize organizational and individual data privacy. 

Basic Tenets of Data Privacy

Regarding organizational data privacy, businesses must confront a few significant issues. Ironically, most of these issues involve how data is shared, which can be divided into data security and confidentiality. 

Data Security

Our technicians spend every day searching for the best way to secure our clients’ networks and data. We customize data protection strategies, use industry best practices, and continuously monitor networks to ensure that the security demands of our clients are met. A comprehensive data security strategy is the first—and most crucial—step in keeping sensitive data private.

Data Confidentiality

Data privacy depends on data security strategies, to be sure, but it goes beyond that. It relies as significantly on legitimate access to data. Our IT professionals understand that there is more to data privacy than data security. It is as much about controlling who has access to the data. 

Promoting Your Business’ Data Privacy

Creating and Maintaining Data Privacy Requires Action

Businesses of all sizes have data that would hurt the business if shared with the wrong people. It can be something so simple as lead lists and data so secret that it could undermine an organization’s ability to sustain its business as it stands. Our team of experts starts by assessing the underlying infrastructure and discussing the privacy needs of an organization. This will give us the information needed to customize a specific management plan to support a business’ data privacy concerns. 

With our team of experts on your side, you significantly improve your business’ chances of keeping your data secure and private, helping you avoid all the negative impacts that data breaches can bring. To learn more about how we can improve your business’ data privacy, call us today at (760) 466-1200.

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