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data warehousing

Manage your data in a way that helps your business thrive.

Data Net technicians work hard to protect our clients’ data. Our best practices and expert technical knowledge keep our clients’ business data safe and secure. Considering the cost-effective plans we offer for data security and redundancy, wouldn’t it be great if your data did more than just sit there waiting for someone to access it?

Data warehousing is the act of aggregating your organization’s transactional and non-transactional data in a central repository for use in business analysis. The purpose of warehousing your organization’s data is to use it to make more accurate decisions about the management of your business operations. With our data aggregation service, Data Net offers businesses a powerful tool to help them resolve many of their organization’s most costly inefficiencies.

Build the Business Your Were Meant to Have

Most business data is stored in databases and those databases typically stand alone. By combining the information and aggregating the data in them, organizations can better analyze the operational health of their departments. Since much of business is a multi-departmental affair, data from multiple sources can be helpful in understanding just how your company does business. As a core component of a comprehensive business intelligence process, the data warehouse allows Business Intelligence (BI) software to cut through the vagaries and use data to get at the truth.

Business Intelligence software is defined as: A type of application software designed to retrieve, analyze, transform, and report data for business intelligence. The applications generally read data that have been previously stored, often, though not necessarily, in a data warehouse or data mart. (Wikipedia: “Business Intelligence Software”)

Since warehousing data is a relatively big undertaking, it’s important for the modern business to have consultants, technicians, and vendors that are there to support their shift to a modern analytic approach. At Data Net, our certified technicians are well versed in creating efficient business environments for companies of all sizes, and can assist your administrator in implementing a structured, secure data warehouse solution to move your BI initiatives forward.


Take Control of Your Data

Data Net has many solutions to help you control your data.

If your business isn’t ready for a full-scale, enterprise-level business intelligence platform, making sure your data is safe, secure, and easy to retrieve whenever you need it should be a top priority. Our vast array of data management services include but are not limited to:

  • Data Storage
  • Database Management
  • Data Migration
  • Data Backup
  • Disaster Recovery

If your business is looking for a way to learn more about how Business Intelligence software will help you, how to boost efficiency, or how to protect all that you’ve worked for, look no further than the IT professionals at Data Net. For a consultation, call us at (760) 466-1200 today.



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