IT Projects

IT Projects

IT Project Management for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

To get a successful technology project, you need the perspective of the pros

 Every business should be looking to technology to increase efficiency and accomplish their organizational goals. When a business looks to introduce new technology, it often presents challenges that could impact its ability to function optimally. 

 Our team of dedicated IT technicians are proficient in helping our clients deploy the technology they need in a manner that ensures they can hit the ground running. If you have some anxiety about adding the technology that can immediately improve your business because your team lacks the knowledge and experience needed to do so, we can help!

End-to-End Support for IT Projects

Providing the stable hand needed to see your IT projects through

 The fact is that IT projects can put a strain on your business, especially if they aren’t well managed. At Data Net, we pride ourselves on making all technology-based transitions seamless and providing the level of support you need to get new technology implemented and working for you. While some projects are less detailed than others, every project needs stable management and a clear vision of how it will impact your business. 

 From the beginning of every project, our consultants can help design a plan to efficiently and effectively implement any new technology. We then have the know-how and experience to successfully deploy the technology to meet your business’ specifications. Some of the IT projects we specialize in include:

  • Cybersecurity - With today’s threat landscape the way it is, your business’ cybersecurity infrastructure needs to support all of your IT initiatives. Our technicians can help you build a virtual wall around your business’ IT to help keep your data and applications secure. 
  • Hardware refresh - If your business’ IT is getting a little long in the tooth, updating your servers, workstations, and networking hardware is a good idea. Specific businesses can utilize new hardware to improve their business’ functionality with point-of-sale systems, document management, and more. 
  • Software deployment - Software is the backbone of almost every business and it can be a major challenge to integrate new applications into your day-to-day workflow. Our consultants can help you procure the right software for your business’ needs and deploy it in a manner that has it working for your business from day one. 
  • Cloud migration - For many businesses, utilizing cloud-based platforms can be beneficial, not only for the up-front cost reduction, but also for the anytime-anywhere access cloud platforms provide. Our team can successfully move any and all applications and data into the cloud to gain its benefits.
  • Communications and collaboration - Businesses need to be able to do more with less and to accomplish this they require communications and collaboration platforms designed to help them maximize productivity. 
  • Analytics - The more you know about your business, the more you can tailor your business decisions to what can help it be more successful. We can help you warehouse your data so that your analytics platform provides you with the best possible information. 
  • Mobile management - It’s a mobile world, and as a result many businesses need to support their staff with mobile tools. Our team can help you implement end-to-end mobile management and policies that allow your business to better support your mobile initiatives. 

Superior Project Management 

There are many other IT projects that we can help your business accomplish. 

 We understand that new technology projects need to be meticulously planned and carried out. We also know that there are times when a project team needs to think outside the box. Our project managers are committed to keeping all projects on-time and on-budget, while keeping lines of communication open to ensure that every project we manage results in technology that is properly integrated into your business’ infrastructure. With our technicians managing your technology integration projects, you get the professionalism, experience, and accountability to ensure a successful conclusion.

 Don’t waste time and money toiling on your business’ technology projects. Call Us Today! (760) 466-1200

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