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Large enterprises employ a large workforce and as a result, their internal network can get cluttered pretty quickly. This makes finding and maintaining specific files on an internal network somewhat challenging. While building your small to medium-sized business you may begin experiencing complications with files being overwritten, massive quantities of files building up, locating exactly what you need, or just simply communicating within the office, It is important to optimize all aspects of your business infrastructure, so an intranet solution is ideal.

So, what is an intranet? Think of it as a central location where all of your employees are able to exchange ideas, documents, and other collaborative information. An intranet allows your business to function at maximum capacity by providing your team with a common avenue for all information they might need to do their job properly. In other words, an intranet is a tool to improve communication, productivity, and collaboration in the office environment.

What Features Are Essential?

Ensure you get the most out of your intranet solution.

Researching intranet solutions for your small to medium sized business can be overwhelming. Data Net has years of experience developing intranet solutions for clients that consider all growth requirements and the needs of your business before committing to one solution. The ideal intranet solution should be one that optimizes the way your team communicates and provides collaboration tools that allow them to work together, both in-house and externally for people that work remotely.

The following examples are just a few items that a quality intranet solution should offer:

  • Company-Wide Email
  • Employee Directories
  • File Sharing.
  • Internal Messaging Services
  • Company Site Licensing for Multi-Station Software Use

Instant Messaging and Email Capabilities

Communicate with the click of a button.

With instant-messaging integration into your company intranet, your team can have immediate access to whomever they need to contact. This can save time when all they need is a quick answer to an issue, but it isn’t ideal for longer conversations that are directed at the entire staff. Alternatively, that is where email solutions are useful. You can send out mass emails to your staff with corporate announcements, and keep in touch with your points-of-contact from other businesses through a professional medium.

Document-Sharing and Editing

Collaboration across multiple platforms.

Without a doubt, your team needs fast and efficient access to company documents in order for them to successfully perform their day-to-day duties. Therefore, an intranet should make document sharing and collaboration one of its highest priorities. Ideally, users should be able to edit and discuss the documents through your intranet solution as well.

Dedicated Employee Schedules and Directories

Schedule and manage your staff members.

One benefit an intranet is ease of managing resources and assets. A good intranet solution should be able to help you see who and what is available, and when. Scheduling tasks is far easier when you know who has time to perform them, and it can streamline operations by helping your team get the most done during their workday.

Data Net’s intranet solution offers powerful integrations and more, all through a simple, easy-to-use interface. If your business could benefit from an intranet, we’ll help you streamline your business operations with your own specialized intranet. Give us a call at (760) 466-1200 to learn more.



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