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Patience Can Equal Productivity, Part 2

Patience Can Equal Productivity, Part 2

Last week, we wrote about how patience plays a big role in people’s ability to be productive and efficient. This week we want to explore a few ways to help the people in your organization to become more patient. We all know people in our lives that seem like they could definitely take a chill pill. If that is you, using these four suggestions can help you be more patient in situations that demand it. 

Identify Impatience

Obviously, the first step to fixing something is to identify that there is something to be fixed. Many people act impulsively and let the pure emotion of a situation dictate their response to it. This doesn’t always produce the best results. In order to be more patient, you need to identify the times when you are losing patience. Take a look at how stressors play a role in your ability to stay patient. Do deadlines crank up your professional impatience? Finding the things that trigger you into impatience and doing what you can to circumvent those situations is a great way to be more patient and productive at work.

Shift Your Perspective

Not everything is you vs. them. By shifting your perspective and rationalizing the situation you are starting to get annoyed by, you can then kind of shrug it off and get back to work. Nothing is gained when letting the stresses of everyday business get the best of you, if you can realign your perspective with more positive thoughts, you will do much better in collaborative endeavors and keeping an even keel day-in and day-out.

Spend Time Listening

The one thing that connects all angry people is that they don’t take the time to take in all the information before they start to react to it. By actively listening to people throughout what could be potentially ire-inducing situations, you may be able to not only bring a more patient approach to the situation, but you could benefit the entirety of a relationship. You see, no matter how much of a pressure cooker a situation is, when someone is able to affirm that they are taken seriously and being heard, it can mellow the whole situation down. 

Improve Stress Management

Part of being more patient and knowing yourself is managing how you react to certain situations. You could be the most patient person in your office, but there will be situations where anyone would get angry. The best way to deal with situations like that is to practice solid stress management. You can do this by simply excusing yourself from anxiety-causing situations or just by taking a few minutes to go over the stressors to identify why they are making you feel so angry. Business can be maddeningly stressful, the people that are the best to deal with those stressors will be the best at what they do. 

At Data Net, we specialize in getting the organizational computing needed to run a business, caring for that technology, and consulting on how to create the best policies to keep productivity high and costs low. If you would like to talk to us about technology that can help your staff have a better workplace experience while keeping productivity high, call us today at (760) 466-1200.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2023

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