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You Have to Get Rid of Your Digital Waste


Digital waste encompasses all the unnecessary data cluttering our storage systems until we decide to address it. This includes redundant files, outdated emails and chats, and forgotten photos gathering digital dust. While dismissing digital waste as a mere inconvenience is tempting, its implications are unfortunately significant.

Why Does Digital Waste Matter?

To illustrate the impact of digital waste, let's look at a hypothetical scenario.

Imagine a server farm housing around ten servers functioning as a private cloud. Seven servers (or the equivalent data capacity) are actively utilized, necessitating constant operation. This entails maintaining optimal climate conditions and establishing network connections.

Every operation consumes energy and this is just a fraction of a business' overall technology operations. Internet searches, email exchanges, and employees' casual browsing actually translate into increased carbon emissions. Add public cloud resources to the equation, and the environmental impact compounds further.

All online activities rely on servers that demand continuous power supply. The more data stored, the greater the energy consumption. This energy consumption often originates from processes emitting significant amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

So, where does digital waste fit into this equation?

More Digital Waste, More Energy Wastage

Regrettably, storage infrastructure cannot discern between essential and expendable data—it simply allocates resources as needed. While seemingly inconsequential on an individual basis—like retaining outdated company images—it collectively rivals the energy consumption of entire nations. Digital activities already surpass the pollution rates of countries like Norway and Switzerland and are poised to exceed those of the world's top five most polluting nations by next year.

What Measures Can Mitigate Digital Waste?

Various strategies can mitigate energy consumption associated with data storage at both organizational and individual levels.

For organizations:

  • Investing in cloud storage can optimize storage space utilization within in-house infrastructure.
  • Adjusting power settings on business hardware helps curb energy usage during idle periods.
  • Regularly purge unnecessary data from storage, recycle bins, and email inboxes.
  • Minimize the transmission of non-essential messages.

For individuals:

  • Exercise discretion when saving and storing photos.
  • Activate dark mode on devices to reduce energy consumption.
  • Close unused applications and programs.
  • Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in active use.

Ultimately, reducing digital waste yields a net positive outcome. Contact Data Net to explore further ways to optimize your business' technology utilization. Reach out to us at (760) 466-1200 to learn more.

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