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Your Cloud Questions: Answered


The cloud is now the preferred method for data storage. However, justified or not, there are a few worries you might have about migrating to a cloud solution.

Isn’t my data safer at home?

While cloud storage offers enhanced security measures, organizations may still have reservations regarding the privacy and protection of their data. Somehow keeping it in your own location sounds safer. To overcome this concern, an MSP can help you fully understand the security measures implemented by most cloud providers, including encryption methods, access controls, and data isolation. Also, they can help determine that your cloud provider’s protocols meet any regulatory standards you are required to meet, such as federal, state or international data security laws.

Network Connectivity and Bandwidth

Reliance on internet connectivity is inherent in cloud storage. The cloud isn’t useful if you cannot access it. Organizations need a stable and robust internet connection to ensure access to their data. In situations with limited bandwidth or intermittent internet connectivity, accessing and transferring large files can become a challenge. However, if reliable internet access and bandwidth provisioning is an issue for your business site, that is a problem you need to address no matter how you plan to store your data. Few businesses can function reliably without solid high speed bandwidth. An MSP can provide guidance on how to handle this issue if reliability in your location is a problem.

Vendor Lock-In and Data Portability

Are you worried about what to do if you change your mind or want to change cloud providers? In other words, “Can I pull all my data back in-house or choose another cloud provider without creating a headache?” Transferring data between cloud providers or migrating back to an on-premises infrastructure can be challenging. Be sure to discuss this with all vendors bidding for your business. Again, an MSP can help navigate the complexities of proposed contractual language.

Some last thoughts

The cloud isn't a total cure all. You still need a robust and secure in-house infrastructure to support your everyday operations And this infrastructure needs to be defended against cyber criminals, on top of everything else. An MSP can be the solution for smaller firms who don’t have the resources, time, or inclination to manage their in-house IT needs.
Two possible areas where an MSP can help are..

Continuous Monitoring and Support
Once the transition is complete, MSPs provide ongoing monitoring and support for the cloud storage environment and your internal operations. MSPs can handle routine maintenance tasks, such as updates, freeing up internal resources and allowing businesses to focus on their core operations. They can also offer 24/7 monitoring on the remaining in-house IT infrastructure.

Security and Compliance Management
You may have regulatory compliance concerns, as well as internal security requirements. An MSP has the experience to guide you in developing plans to meet those requirements.

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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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